BUSN 9232 Strategic Decision Making 2012

Select a Company and address ALL the following questions
(The company is HSBC Bank)

Required to answer the following questions:
1. Outline the Business Level strategy of your firm. What strategic impact does that particular business level strategy have for your firm? (10 marks)

2. Outline the Corporate level strategy of your firm. What strategic impact does that particular corporate level strategy have for your firm? (10 marks)

3. Define the strategy and structure issues that your firm were experiencing at the time. Provide your opinion of the type of strategy you would recommend for your firm and the appropriate structure. (10 marks)

4. List the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of your firm. (ie do a SWOT analysis). In your answer describe each of the components of SWOT in some detail. (25 marks)

5. What new strategies do you feel that your firm should move towards given the outcomes from your SWOT in question 4? In your answer match key Strengths and Opportunities. (25 marks)

6. What strategic recommendations would you make to the CEO of your firm given your answers to the detailed questions above? In your answer include a discussion on product, regional market, cost structure and recommended strategic direction. (20 marks)

the Limit is 2000 words which does not include:SWOT Analysis or references
SWOT may 500 word is fine ..
in total 2475 is good..

I upload the topic Materials that will help you to understand the structure that they need .just to remind you my selected company is
HSBC Banks
pleas if you you have any question ask me because last order was not good i got 20 marks over of 100 ..So pleas do your best 🙂

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