Business resources

You are asked to address the following task as a written assignment (informal report) of 3000 words.

Business resources are often classified as tangible and intangible .

Explain and critically discuss the contribution of business resources to organisational success and sustainability, particularly focusing on the nature and role of intangible resources, including reference to the notion of dynamic capabilities .

Assessment Guidelines


As well as the general guidance of assessment requirements at this level of study, our focus in assessing your performance in this assignment will be on:
(i) introduction to the assignment, describing scope, context, objectives and methods (10%)
(ii) critical discussion and synthesis of theories and inclusion of relevant real-life organisational examples (60%)
(iii) conclusions (20%)
(iv) presentation, exposition, clarity and referencing. (10%)

The submission should be in informal report style (section headings). You are recommended to include:
· An initial overview of the resource based theory of strategy development, and how it differs from the market-focused perspective, including a consideration of how organisational resources contribute to adding value and ultimately gaining competitive advantage and organisational sustainability.
· A broad discussion of the distinction between tangible and intangible resources, especially in their contribution to sustainable competitive advantage, leading to a focus on the nature and role of intangible resources including examples of how organisations have used such resources to achieve competitive advantage/organisational success. You should include specific reference to of the notion of dynamic capabilities .
· A conclusion summarising the significance of business resources to organisational sustainability and the particular contribution which intangible resources can make.

Support your analysis with evidence. Evidence may be drawn from any published source, but particularly academic peer reviewed articles and texts. Credit will also be given for practical illustrations, i.e. contemporary organisational experiences/analysis to support or refute academic positions

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