Business plan

General instructions
In conjunction with your opportunity analysis report in the previous assessment,
complete the business plan for your business idea. The business plan should be
written for the manager of a financial institution from whom you are seeking funds to
establish the business. You may assume that you have $50,000 of your own capital to
contribute, but must borrow the rest if needed.
In preparing your business plan, you should follow the guidelines contained in Topic
5 and in your textbook from pages 156“169. Further information will be provided on
Your business plan should include, but need not be limited to, the following
executive summary
title page
a description of the venture, including why it is innovative and builds on an
an industry and a market analysis, showing evidence and findings of detailed
market research (secondary and/or primary) which would support the feasibility
of the business
an operational plan
a marketing plan
an organisational plan
a schedule of operations and a contingency plan
a financial plan showing 3-year projections
reference list.
We are familiar with numerous websites from which business plans can be
downloaded. Copying a business plan, in part or in whole, from elsewhere and
handing this in as your own work is plagiarism and will be dealt with according
to University Policy; see below.
Marking criteria
Executive summary, title page and description of the venture (10%)
Industry and market analysis (20%)
Operations plan (15%)
Marketing plan (15%)
Organisational plan (5%)
Schedule of operations and contingency plan (5%)
16 MNG00427 “ Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Hospitality
Financial plan (20%)
Professional presentation (5%)
Referencing and referencing list (5%).
Census dates
The census date is the day upon which your enrolment for the study period becomes
fixed. You cannot enrol or withdraw from units after census date without significant
academic and/or financial penalties. If you are using the FEE-Help or HECS-Help
Government loan schemes, your debt for the study period is deferred on census date.
You will need to go to My Enrolment at to check
your census dates. Select Current Enrolment including Census date from the menu
item called My Study Plans . Each unit in which you are enrolled will be displayed
with its census date clearly identified.
Students who complete a unit will receive one of the following grades:
Absent Fail
Satisfied Requirements (where used)
High Distinction.
Student grades are determined by applying the following grading standards in
combination with specific marking criteria for each assessment item.
Note: Marks may be subject to moderating adjustments

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