Business Plan

Your ultimate task is to write a Business Plan to enter a very competitive retail business environment
and establish an innovative new chain of travel agencies around Australia.
Retail travel agents sell travel and tourism products and services to customers of behalf of suppliers
including different forms of accommodation (e.g. hotels, resorts, ecolodges, motels etc), domestic and
international airlines, car rentals, railways, packaged holidays, sightseeing tours, travel insurance and
other services. Their market can be people on holiday/recreation travel, attending events for sporting
contests, music festivals, arts and cultural performances, or they could be people on business travel or
people visiting friends and relatives.

There are approximately 4,500 travel agents in Australia. Major retail travel networks across Australia
include Harvey World Travel, Travelscene American Express, Jetset Travelworld, Flight Centre and
Travellers Choice.

The Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) is the the peak industry body through which the
business interests of travel agents are represented. It has membership from some 2,500 retail outlets as
well as over 100 allied industry organisations, hotels, tour operators, wholesalers, etc. resulting in over
2600 members (AFTA 2011). The Constitution of AFTA prescribes that a member must carry on its
business as a travel agent from licensed premises and hold a professional indemnity insurance policy.

Your business aim is to capitalise on the continued demand by Australians to buy travel products,
especially outbound travel while the Australian $ is relatively high against many currencies in the
countries which Australians travel into.
Among the Business Plan elements you will be assessed on are the structure of its contents, clear
expression of whom you are wanting to read your Plan, the necessary business registration,
incorporation, licensing etc issues, where your sources of funds will come from and what will be your
financial projections, the potential markets for the new business being identified and justified, if you
have an innovative marketing strategy and have you got reasonable operations management and
human resources systems planned.

You will need to assess your preferred target markets, how and where best to establish your new
national chain of retail travel agencies (e.g. in shopping malls, on high streets, in the CBD or the
suburbs, in regional or rural locations etc), whether you will engage not only in retail, but also in
wholesale and/or inbound markets, the new brand you will introduce, whether the internet is an
opportunity or a threat to your electronic commence objectives in the new the business, whether one
company will wholly or partially own the locations, will you use franchise or alternative equity
models and you must present a financially sound and reasonable case.

* Please note: I have already named the business name as ” ECO TRAVEL”. This is a travel agency company specialise in eco tours and also provide all the other services including air tickets, hotels, tours around the world, etc. Also, the location of the retail travel agent must be in a specific place in Melbourne, Australia.

Access sites such as the Australian Government: Business Plan guides &

Also, for background on travel agents in Australia, go to:
· Australian Federation of Travel Agents w
· Tourism Victoria: What is Wholesaling, Travel Agents
· Tourism Western Australia (2006) QuickStart Guide to Tourism: A Guide to Tour Wholesalers
and Inbound Tour Operators
· Graham Turner: How Flight Centre soared (2008)
· Key Steps to Starting a Travel Agency
· Travel Compensation Fund, Australia

For marketing ideas:
· Australia Post: Direct Mail Campaigns
· Amoroso, J (2010) 10 Travel Marketing Ideas for Your Travel Agency Business
· Dolnicar, S. And Laesser, C. (2007) Travel Agency Marketing Strategy: Insights from
Switzerland, Journal of Travel Research, November 2007 vol. 46 no. 2 133-146

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