Business Law; succeed in an action for a negligent misstatement

1. In order to succeed in an action for a negligent misstatement, what does the Plaintiff need to establish?
2. Facts: Norris had decided for some time that he wanted to purchase a motel. After looking at several different areas, he settled on Port Stephens in NSW as offering him both the potential for a business and the lifestyle he was seeking. He rang a number of real estate agents, inquiring whether they had any motels listed for sale. He finally found a motel and general business listed with an estate agent called Evatt. Evatt told Norris that once he got going in this business it would be a gold mine. Norris sought an accountant?s advice and then proceeded to buy the business. Within 6 months of buying the motel and general business Norris was broke because there were neither the tourist numbers not the local population to sustain the business.
Required: Can Norris sue the estate agent for his statements about the business? Will he succeed? Explain your answers.

(There are 2 files has been uploaded. One of them is used as a a guide to answer question 2 and please follow 4steps as written in there. The other file which is Chapter9 has to be used as the only reference for my order . And all the examples cases must be in that chapter. There is also no need to find other references.)

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