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Prepare a report which explains the business environment (of one country) in which an Australian based company operates.

Step 1: Select one Australian multinational company.
Step 2: Research in which countries the company of choice has engaged in Foreign Direct Investment (ie pick a country in which the company has invested in).
Step 3: Research the business environment in one of these countries and prepare a report which identifies key issues which are relevant to that company and explains why they are relevant. Issues could include risks, costs and benefits. Three broad categories are political, economic and social.
The Objective
To use the theories and tools introduced in the course in a practical real world scenario.
To develop research and analytical skills. To develop written communication skills.
To enhance student understanding of the connections between the business environment of a country and a company’s operations in that country.
A suggested template for the report is overleaf. Word limit is 1200 words +/- 10 per cent.
You are encouraged to use any appropriate research resources.
Some recommended sources of research include:Australian Company Name:
The one country selected for this report:
Part i: Summary of Report (suggest 150 words)
The summary provides an overview of key issues (including risks, costs and benefits) raised in the body of the report.
Part ii: Introduction to Report (suggest 50 words)
The introduction explains the purpose of the report and why it is important for the CEO to read. Remember that the CEO of your company is very busy and only wants to read a report which is relevant, timely and accurate. You should also briefly describe the methodology you used to research the report.
Part iii : Body of Report (suggest 1000 words)
A suggested body structure for report:

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