Business and Company Law: Law report case study

First please note that the deadline is in 48 hours or less if possible I tried to write that but the shortest dealing on ur system was 4 days

Please strictly note that the required writing MUST BE specialist in the AUSTRALIAN LAW
No writer is allowed to touch this order unless He/ She is an expert and specialist in the Australian Law
That obviously means that the writer must be Australia based
If u don’t have a writer who is expert and specialist in the Australian Law Please stop the process and get my money back to me

It is a case study( case review )
The structure and all the information are in the file attached including the case study scenario
You will find all the information in the word file I have uploaded
It MUST BE AT LEAST 500 Words NO More Than 550 words
This is my first assignment and I have a huge one coming n the same subject so if I am satisfied with ur service
I will go ahead with u in the other assignments
I don’t know exactly how many references we need ,,
The following textbooks are the required reading for the WHOLE UNIT
The writer may need them :

Required Reading
J. Fitzpatrick, C. Symes, A. Veljanovski and D. Parker Business and Corporations Law,

Recommended Reading
B.Sweeney, J. O Reilly, and A. Coleman (2010) Law in Commerce (Lexis Nexis Butterworths)
P. Latimer (2011) Australian Business Law (CCH)
J. Harris (2008) Lexis Nexis Study Guide to Corporations Law (Lexis Nexis Butterworths)
S.Graw (2008) An Introduction to the Law of Contract, 6th Edition, Thomson Lawbook Co.
P. Lipton and A. Herzberg (2008) Understanding Company Law, 14th Edition, Thomson Lawbook Co.

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