Building Capabilities at the Westward Hilton

Note: For each case, you are expected to write an analysis based on the case study analysis questions listed below. Each case analysis paper should be more than 600 words. Please do not repeat the questions in the analysis paper. Simply use numerical numbers such as 1 and 2 to answer the questions in sequence if you choose to use a Q&A format.
Repetition of the questions do not count towards the word requirement. Please note this assignment is evaluated by Turnitin. If your originality score is over 30%, it is possible the analysis paper will not be accepted. Assessment of the case analysis papers are based on the effort and understanding of the topic, rather than accuracy of the answers.
1. What are the competitive advantages of the Westward Hilton? Are any of Westward’s advantages
sustainable? Are the human resource practices and corporate culture easy for competitors to imitate?
2. What are some of the ramifications of choosing to sell the hotel? What are some of the consequences of choosing to retain the hotel in the portfolio?
3. Are Hiller’s general business strategy (buying distressed, undervalued properties and turning them around for eventual sale) and their human resource (HR) strategy compatible? Are the general business strategy and the mission statement compatible?

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