You are a small group of market analysts working in the marketing department for the brand
�€�Brekky , producing breakfast cereals. Your assignment consists of answering three questions
based on the analyses you are provided (see Excel file named �€�Assignment_Data on the course
Present your answers as concisely as possible in the form of a Mini-Report (i.e. no need for an
executive summary, introduction or conclusion, etc). The report should be written in 12-point font
with 1.5 line spacing. The maximum length (including tables and appendices) is 12 pages or 3,500
words, whichever is reached first. Front cover page and back reference page are not included
within this limitation. Reports exceeding these criteria may incur a mark deduction up to 15%.
Q1. Mrs. Bossy, the Business Executive has asked you to analyse the
level of sales for your brand and the rest of the cereals market by
looking at two different types of sales data: (i) the volumes of sales
with normal selling price; and (ii) the volumes of sales on promotion.
Required: Q1a) Mrs. Bossy is adamant that price promotion will result
in a higher market share. Relative to the sales data given, is this
assumption correct?
Required: Q1b) The data has been organised according to the three
key geographic regions where Brekky is selling cereals. Mrs. Bossy
wants to find out which region is more profitable. In other words, which
region results in a higher market share for Brekky?
Apply the Principles of Data Reduction to the data-set 1 to answer
the questions for your Business Executive. Support your answer with
relevant literature.
Q2. The marketing department has recently collected some data on
cereals purchases for a large group of consumers.
Required: Q2a) Analyse the purchases by the sample of consumers
across all brands in the category and calculate all key Brand
Performance Metrics (BPMs). Present your results for all brands and
all BPMs following the Principles of Data Reduction.
Required: Q2b) Identify and discuss from data-set 2 the two key
patterns you have recently learnt about during a market analysis
course: Double Jeopardy and Duplication of Purchase.
Required: Q2c) Conclude by discussing the market implications of
these patterns and what this means for Brekky. Support your answer
with relevant literature.
Q3. Mrs. Bossy has decided to launch a new range of breakfast
cereals for kids into the market. These cereals are supposed to be
quite innovative in the category, displaying the following features: (i)
high in fibre and with organic ingredients; (ii) bite size of different
shapes reproducing cartoon characters, which will be changed
regularly; and (iii) presented in creative packaging with different
shapes according to the cartoon theme chosen for the shape. The aim
is to involve children in the consumption of cereals for breakfast by
providing them with a toy, while marketing the healthy choice
ingredients to parents. No other cereal brand has launched anything
similar in the market.
Required: Given this information and the values of p and q parameters
provided in data-set 3, calculate (with the aid of the Bass Model) at
least three different estimates of adoption for the new variant of the
brand, Brekky. Present and discuss your results according to the
Principles of Data Reduction and include recommendations for the
launch of the product (if possible, display the graphs of the adoption
curves representative of your estimates). An ideal projection of your
forecasts should cover at least four (4) time periods. Assume that
prior to time period 1 there were no (0) adopters for this product and
that the total market potential indicated by your Marketing Manager is
5,000. Support your answer with relevant literatur

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