Brand Portfolio custom essay

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3 x 350 words
THUS a total of 1,050 words (+/-10%)
You may include in your portfolio the specific marketing communication examples you refer to (e.g. advertisements, press releases, website pages) in order to illustrate your point. However they are not part of your word count. Attach them as an appendix.


1.Lecture 2 suggests that marketing is about the creation and maintenance of mutually satisfying relationships. Briefly explain what marketing communication refers to when it talks of ‘relationships’ [with support from marketing communication literature]. Using one example, demonstrate how your brand attempts to create and/or maintain relationships with its customers.

2. Use the marketing communication literature to define sponsorship, and to briefly outline its role in marketing communication. Offer one example of how your brand uses sponsorship as a marketing communications tool.

3.Briefly define professional ethics [drawing on marketing communication or business literature]. Has your brand ever been associated with unethical practice of any sort [think Nike, McDonalds, football players etc.]? How did your brand deal with the situation?

For each of your 3 x 350 word portfolio entries you will:
a) Respond to the question by DIRECTLY applying it to your particular brand. To do so, your response must combine:
primary sources (such as the brand website, press releases etc.)
AND: academic and/or professional texts (books, journal articles etc), such as those found in your custom reading brick and via the UC library. You will use this to support your discussion of the theory or practice under consideration.
You will use these academic and/or professional texts (secondary sources) to support your discussion of your brand’s marketing communication strategy. A minimum of TWO secondary sources must be provided.

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