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Book review & Powerpoint Presentation
Type: Review
Learning Objectives Assessed: 1, 3
Task Description:
1,000 words plus 6 Powerpoint slides

Task: This assessment item requires you to read and report on one text from the suggested list. Your book review and powerpoint presentation should provide a thorough and thoughtful exploration of:
(a) the central message or thesis the author(s) is(are) proposing;
(b) how this text has added to your understanding of environmental education for sustainability and your own life; and
(c) why someone else should or should not read this book.

In preparing your book review and powerpoint you should draw on your own life experiences and other Education for Sustainability course readings.

Michael K. Stone and Zenobia Barlow – Ecological literacy: Educating our children for a sustainable world.

Criteria & Marking:
Assessment Criteria: Your report and discussion will be assessed according to the following three key criteria:
1. knowledge and comprehension;
2. critical analysis and evaluation; and
3. communication and referencing.

1. Knowledge & Comprehension
▪ Full coverage of the topic/question
▪ Comprehensive knowledge of issues illustrated by the selection, presentation and understanding of relevant information
▪ Comprehensive coverage of the relevant literature
2. Critical Analysis & Evaluation
▪ Topic dealt with in depth
▪ Logically developed argument
▪ Evidence of critical reading
▪ Critical use of evidence and examples to support claims and conclusions
▪ Emphasis on explanation and analysis not only description
3. Communication & Referencing
▪ Well structured writing using introduction, body and conclusion
▪ Fluent and succinct writing style
▪ Correct spelling, punctuation and grammar
▪ Correct word length
▪ Effective use and citation of figures, tables and illustrations
▪ Correct and consistent in-text references
▪ Correct and consistent presentation and punctuation of bibliography
Well presented and argued case for or against reading the text

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