Bio Science

Assignment 1 – Essay Overview
This assignment will allow you to investigate in detail a pathophysiological (disease) process and the pharmacological treatment of this process. You will communicate the scientific and clinical information about these aspects of disease in a short written report of no more than 600 words.

Part 1; Short written task

This task is intended to familiarise you with the key pharmacological and therapeutic aspects of using drugs to treat common pathophysiological conditions. You will investigate the use of a drug compound commonly used in the treatment of the following pathophysiological condition; Asthma, .

You will find a drug compound (its non-proprietary name must be used) used to treat the disease of your choice,A drug used to treat asthma is Ventolin and the non-proprietary name for this is salbutomal. provide a short outline of the following criteria based on research literature sources, such as journal articles, medical and scientific text books, or scientific web based resources (e.g. NIH website, American Heart Association website).

1. Descriptive title, no less than 10 words, informing the reader of the condition and the drug used to treat it including the drug class and action.
2. Detailed but concise description of the key pathophysiological details of the disorder and the drug used to treat it.
3. The mechanism by which the drug acts (i.e. its pharmacodynamics), identifying how it aids the treatment of the disorder.
4. The pharmacokinetics of the drug including delivery methods.

5. Known side effects and contra-indications.

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