Best Buy FAR (Analytical Report Introduction)

introduce the topic
describe why the topic is being reported on
present the scope and limitations of the research
provide a coherent preview of the report
the divisions of the repot
the order in which the divisions will appear
present information collected and how it relates to topic
present detailed evidence and reasoning
interprt findings
use headings and subheadings to organize text
if your research findings that don’t support your viewpoint, address them here( ub this manner your report will be balanced and you will earn credibility)
Bring your interpretations together
summarize and recommend
your summary must accurately reflect the body of the report
your recommendations must be consistent with the purpose of the report, the evidnece presented and the interpretations made

analytical report will do one of two things
isdolate a problem within a company and make recommendations to rectify it
investigate a company’s common pratices and determine if change is needed

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