Autobiography to the Medical University of Lubin

Autobiography which tells more about yourself besides the info. from the application form and why you want to study medical in Poland.

Here I attached two samples which might give your some idea about it and I believe your English will be good enough to create a good one which tells school more about yourself. One page will be good enough.

I want to study in Poland and I had cancer and took chemo from Thursday, 6th, May 2010 to Monday, 12th, September 2011.
Result: All of tumour destroyed! None left! Fully healthy now!

It doesn’t matter what you say, I just want something that will make them say WOW he is some that we want in our faculty of medicine.

I am Saudi, I came to Australia to do medicine so I was cough by the disease and was unable to pursue my dream of become a doctor. I so want to become a doctor it hurts, I cannot be another person other than a doctor. It whom I am. I was born for it.

In Australia unfortunately they casted me aside and I had to struggle with the disease and study and did not get the support I needed. I was just outcast of society who was not seen as equal but less than others. It felt bad and it still feels bad. I want a sea change. I want somewhere different and close to home. I don’t to live this life of unwanted here. I just want to live my life as a new person so a new start is all I need.

I don’t think I would have wanted to study in Poland if I had Australia but after I read about how good the medical university of libin is, and how it nurtured notable alumni such Professor Tadeusz Krwawicz who has developed the first cryoprobe for intracapsular cataract extraction. I though to myself this is what I want to be; someone who is a leader in their field, someone whom will make the people that stood for me through all my life proud and in the process help those in need because that’s what it’s all about, helping!

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