Australian Literature and History

Write a contextual critical appreciation for each of the poems/ short stories-

-John Manifold, ‘The Tomb of Lt. John Learmonth’
-Dal Stivens, ‘Mr Bloody Kearns’
NOTE 1: The word appreciation here means an analysis based on a sympathetic “ but

not necessarily uncritical “ response to the works. Do not feel you need to claim that they

are brilliant. If you have reservations about them, feel free to say so, and to explain your


NOTE 2: In your appreciations you should

historical context in which the works were written which seem relevant to them (e.g.

historical events and situations, cultural formations, social and political ideas and

ideologies), and examine how each work develops its themes with reference to those

external elements. In doing this you should give attention to some of the formal and

rhetorical features of the works “ such things as perspective and voice, tone and irony,

narrative structure, image and metaphor, and verse form. You are not expected to deal

with all of these, only with those which seem most important for the work in question.

The two works should be discussed separately: you are not asked to compare them.]
write a contextual critical briefly identify those elements
***i will upload the poem/short stories for the writer
**please make sure you have a literature background to write this

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