Australian federalism needs major reform to be effective in the 21st century. Critically discuss this statement with particular reference to the division of powers and responsible government. Include at least one example that highlights the potential need

To achieve the course objectives, your major paper (Essay) needs to demonstrate to your marker:
1.that you understand government structures and processes in Australia
2.that you understand how political decisions are made within Australia s political and parliamentary system
3.that you can identify and critically discuss the impact and/or intersection of Australian governance theory and practice through the content/focus words commanded by the essay topic
4.that you can apply at least one example to demonstrate your argument/s
interpret and apply the essay question accurately
link and develop the issues and arguments well
explore and apply ideas from the scholarly literature
use evidence from sources critically
REJECT prohibited sources – refer Course Outline pages 6 and 7
it is expected that you will have 10-12 specific resources for the major paper (essay), which do not rely on the course textbook or other political textbooks
no more than two (2) media articles may also be included (for illustrative purposes, not as weighted evidence)
structure, organise and paragraph an essay
write clearly and concisely with accurate spelling, grammar, academic language and syntax “ using a variety of linking words and phrases
paraphrase other authors ideas accurately and consistently, with a minimum of direct quotes
accurately and consistently apply Harvard referencing
demonstrate academic honesty

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