Australian Aboriginal studies

The purpose of this assessment is to demonstrate your understanding of and application of a body of knowledge (GQ1 – 30%); that you are prepared for lifelong learning (GQ2 – 20%); that you can clearly and effectively communicate (GQ6 – 30%); and that you can demonstrate knowledge of and respectful of diversity (GQ7 – 20%).


Conduct a review of the article by Christopher P Burgess et al (2009) Healthy Country, healthy people: the relationship between Indigenous Health status and “caring for country”. This is Reading 06.01 in your eReader.

The review must have the following:

A brief description of the purpose and content of the article
An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the article
Description of how the article contributes to your knowledge of the topic
A summary and conclusion.
Before starting the assessment, please make sure that you check out the following resources to assist you with writing an article review.

Log on to the learnonline Assessment 2 Discussion Forum with questions that you wish clarified about this assessment. This is the only place where you will ask questions about assessment; please do not email your assessment queries to your tutor.
Consult Assessment 2 Book in the learnonline site for how to write an article review – a must!
Familiarise yourself with the principles of inclusive language UniSA Policy (C-1.4) states: The University will use inclusive language in all academic and administrative written and spoken communication.

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