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An in-class reflective maker is a short written piece of assessment that aims to encourage students to engage in an analytical manner with set material from the course. This is a chance for students to reflect on information, ideas and concepts presented in the course. This assessment piece assists in the development of a strong authorial voice and original analytical approach to a student s written work.should only reference available course material to support their response to the set question.

See attached for Question!
The assignment is in class Reflective all information and understanding the concept of the unit must take by text book, so just one resource which is the text book in chapters ( see attached). Also, when you write this paper use for example ( I thing that,,, In my opinion, ,,, and in the text references use for example, like this formula ( Chapter 5 say that is ,,,, according to chapter 3 ,,,,, do not use like (Baldino 2011)in texts!!

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