Assignment3 : Reflective Essay

Individual Essay
Due 27 January
1500 words
Based on communication experiences in your group preparing the group presentation
Two aspects: intrapersonal dynamics and performance of the group
Marking criteria in student guide

Think back over the material covered in each lecture and the experiences you have in the tutorials.

Begin writing a reflective journal of your thoughts and feelings which you will use to write your 2nd assignment – the reflective essay.

Reflect on your own behavior as well as your group s

Write in your journal after each day you have had a lecture

– outline of what the essay is about
– theory’s and concepts used
– support with literature

– part1
– part2
– part3


BODY For Part 1 you need to describe the interpersonal dynamics within your group leading up to the presentation. You might like to talk about positive and negative experiences in your group, comment on your thoughts and feelings in relation to these experiences, and discuss how you would do things better next time. Think about the content covered in each lecture and how it applies to who the people are in your group and how they interact.

BODY For Part 2 you need to reflect on and evaluate the performance of the group in developing the presentation. This is about group processes not about the people. What did your group do and what processes did they use to perform effectively. What could they do better and how? Again, reflections should be linked to the lecture content.

BODY For Part 3 you need to reflect on the success or failure of the group processes and develop an improvement plan. How and why has the group been successful and how and why has it failed in some areas? What would you do better next time and why?

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