Assignment Week 3 “ Chapter 4: States of Consciousness

Assignment Week 3 “ Chapter 4: States of Consciousness
Text book
Essentials of Psychology. Feldman,
Canadian Edition. McGraw Hill

Hi Class to get you excited about this weeks reading, take a look at the videos below. The answers to the questions that follow are all found in Ch. 4 and will help you to review for your first test. Please submit the answers as a Journal response.
Hypnotist “ Marc Savard

Narcolepsy “ Mohammad

Freud “ Dream Analysis “ Parts 1-4

Fill in the Blanks
1. _____ is the awareness of the sensations, thoughts, and feelings being experienced at a given moment.

2. The _____ dream theory proposes that our brains make up stories out of the random neural activity that occurs while we sleep.

3. Jason cannot stay awake even while involved in watching an interesting movie, having a good conversation, or working on his computer. It is likely that Jason has _____.

4. Sleepwalking and sleep talking tend to occur during stage _____ sleep.

5. The fact that we cycle back and forth between wakefulness and sleep is one example of the body s ______ ______.

6. Even common substances, such as coffee and beer, are actually _____ drugs.

7. The drug LSD affects levels of the neurotransmitter _____ in the brain.

Short Answer Questions
1. What are the main effects of sleep deprivation? Are the effects permanent or reversible?

2. Is it more beneficial to study the night or the morning before a test if it s scheduled in the afternoon? Support your point of view with the results of research.

3. Explain the major controversy surrounding hypnosis. Explain both sides of the controversy.

4. What is the difference between a biological addiction and a psychological addiction to drugs? Describe how or why heroin is both biologically and psychologically addictive.

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