Assignment 2- part A and part B

Assessment 2: Part A [20%] Due: Sunday, 5 February Midnight (WST)
Mind Map/Concept Map
Present a Mind Map/Concept Map-this is a visual representation of the topic and question
driving your inquiry based program. Areas of interest/investigation eventuating from the topic
and question should also be identified. Linkages and integration between areas of interest
should also be identified. Learning areas should be identified. This is where the
Brainstorming occurs-provide evidence of this.
Present an A3 page Overview or a Plan of your intention for your five week integrated
program that reflects:
The contemporary student and societal needs.
Australian and State local curriculum documents-the learning areas you have chosen
to integrate in your 5 week program.
How does this program outline reflect your own philosophy of teaching and
demonstrates the qualities and features of an integrated program.
Be specific about the question driving your inquiry. You will develop this in depth in
your 5 week program.
Recommended to include:
o The question driving your inquiry.
o The inquiry model you will use and why?
o The year group your lessons relate to.
o Thinking strategies you will use all the way through the program.
o The passion that is driving your theory about integrated programming and inquiry.
Why do you believe it should be done?
Australian Curriculum (Mathematics and English) and State Curriculum (2 or more
learning areas). Include 2-3 objectives/outcomes per learning area.
Clearly indicate which learning areas from which curriculum documents you are
including in your program.
Thread of topics woven through each week in the integrated program.
o What is coming on the following 5 daily work pad pages? What have you done?
o What will you do for the final assessment to see if the students have answered the
inquiry at the end of the five weeks?

And Assignment 2B
Assessment 2: Part B [40%] Due: Sunday, 5 February Midnight (WST)
Integrated learning program
This program should be set out in the format of a Daily Work Pad (DWP)-A3 pages-one
per week. Length should be (5) A3 pages + two other pages (A3 or A4) for the rubric
and checklist. Lesson plans on separate A4 pages.
Develop a five week integrated program that uses an inquiry or problem-based
approach. Be very clear about the question driving your inquiry and clearly identify the
integrated planning model that you are basing your program on. The inquiry
aspects/s of your chosen model should be clearly evident throughout your 5 week
Show content and learning experiences in the style of a scope & sequence document,
on weekly plans using a daily work pad format for 5 weeks.
Include specific objectives and assessment strategies including curriculum links for
each lesson. The learning activities incorporated in your plan should be shown in a
developmental sequence. The program should integrate Mathematics and English
(from the Australian Curriculum) with two or more other curriculum areas. Other
learning areas can come from state curriculum documents. Integration of ICT should
be evident within and across the program. There should be evidence of at least three
integrated lessons per day.
Thinking strategies and catering for differentiation and diversity through selection of
content, process and product should be clearly evident within the learning activities.
Each lesson must have a specific objective and assessment that matches the
objective; simply mentioning Observation as an assessment instrument will not
suffice-state what it is you are observing and why?
Include all organisational details for at least one incursion/excursion that reflects State
policy and that connects with your programme and allows for the integration of the
school and wider community. When he incursion/excursion occurs (day) must be
clearly evident in the DWP.
Provide two full lesson plans using the recommended Curtin format. These lessons
should reflect integration of the learning areas along with a focus on inquiry rather
than the specifics of the activity. Objectives must relate to assessment.
Develop one of the integrated tasks from your program as an assessment task.
Provide an assessment rubric, for assessing one key learning area (Mathematics or
English) in the context of the integrated activity. This rubric should be able to be used
as an annotation for portfolio samples for individual students.
Provide one assessment checklist for the key outcomes and objectives in one
learning area, which could be used for a whole class over a period of 5 weeks

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