Assignment 2 (Paper)

Essay Question: After contemplating your findings with regard to Rome’s aristocratic value-system (which you submitted as a Source Analysis in Week 4) and thinking about the values espoused by Cato the Elder (which you studied in Week 1), discuss to what extent you can see a similarity between the thoughts of Cato and the thoughts of Gaius Marius. Can we discern an “ideology of novitas “? In what ways did the protestations of Marius differ in terms of his values from those traditional values of Rome’s aristocracy?

A bibliography of any modern works utilised must be provided.

Notes from tutor: As the question states, you need to compare Cato and Marius, and decide to what extent and in what ways they shared an ideology of “novitas”.

You also need to look at how Marius’ “protestations” as “novus homo” breaking into the the ranks of the “nobilitas”, *differed* from the traditional values of the “nobilitas” – see the speech of Marius from Sallust for this part especially.

Need to use these resources:
Earl, Donald. “Morality and politics” in The Moral and Political Tradition of Rome , Earl, Donald , 1967 , 11-43,133-138

“Fall of the roman republic” by plutarch 1975

“Makers of Rome” by Plutarch 2006

“From the Gracchi to Nero – a history of rome from 133 BC to AD 68 by H.H.Scullard 5th Edn 1982

All modern works need to be referenced

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