Assignment 1 – Value Management

Assignment 1 – Value Management
The Scottish Courts Service (SCS) wish to embark on a programme of refurbishment across the whole of the
Scottish Court
Estate to address IT issues in the modernising of court information handling, for example, video evidence being seen by all attending court, remote child evidence, etc. The refurbishment also to take account of those issues arising from the sustainability agenda. The
Scottish Court Estate comprises 49 Sheriff Courts and 4 High Courts of which 43 are listed buildings. The intention is to undertake a trial project at Curriemuir Sheriff Court . The programme for the whole estate is not fully developed and a strategic outline business case has not yet been prepared for Curriemuir Sheriff Court
As a consultant project manager offering value management services and at the invitation of the SCS Senior Property Officer write a report which:
1. Explains value management
2. Outlines the opportunities for value management in the development of the programme and the project
3. Outlines a systematic approach to making explicit the SCS value system
4. Explains the relevance of value management activity to the strategic outline business case
Word limit 2000 words
Marking Scheme
Explanation of value management 30 marks
Opportunities for value management 25 marks
Systematic approach to the SCS value system 15 marks
Relevance of VM to the strategic outline business case 10 marks
Introduction, recommendations & report structure 20 marks

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