Assessment task 1b “ Your future

Assessment task 1b “ Your future
Weighting: 25%
Due Date: Thursday of Week 9
Length: 1,200 words
All assessment tasks must be
submitted to pass this course.
Equal weighting on all criteria
Online submission of written task
Learning Outcomes:
Students will gain an understanding of
personal and professional impacts of
dynamic global change
Graduate Attributes:
Communication “ intermediate
Problem Solving “ intermediate
Critical thinking
Cross cultural competence
Task Rationale:
Personal futures can be envisaged and shaped in positive ways
through conscious systematic, structured planning and visioning
processes. Personal futures are shaped by common societal
trends and forces that are interpreted and responded to by
individuals according to the individual s life stage, their cultural
experiences, their families and the events that occur in their
Detailed task description:
Apply a futuring formula to your personal future
Use the trends in assessment task 1A as a means to plan a
desirable future
The task:
Develop a personal visioning plan that will assist in planning
your own future. The process you use should be based on the
material presented in Wheelwright s reading Personal futuring:
A step-by-step guide (2006). This is your key reference. Other
references are required. The assessment task will be presented as
a report.
Introduce yourself to the reader.
Use the format within the Wheelwright paper to structure your
report (Life stage, Life trends and forces, Life events, future
trends assessment, future aspirations, future strategies).
The understanding that you developed in Assessment task 1a
should be evident in this report.custom essay

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