Assessment of National Rugby League

National Rugby LeagueRugby league is a variation of the traditional rugby sport. Unlike the original game whose teams each have 15 players on the field, Rugby league is two players short. This means that the game is played in a thirteen-a-side format. This sport is demanding of its players and professionalism is highly encouraged and supported by the governing bodies that have been put in place to oversee it. This again sets it apart from the traditional rugby in which there are a variety of levels in which one can play. They are armature, semi-professional and professional. The basic rule of this game is that the oval ball travels backwards. This is to say a pass is only considered valid of a player passes it to a teammate who is behind him or the very least at the same level. This is known as a flat pass. The pass can either be through throwing the ball at ones teammate or kicking it ahead and a teammate who was behind the player at the instant of kicking it rushing ahead to retrieve it.To a new spectator, the game might seem to have too many rules because the referee keeps stopping the game each time a team makes even the smallest of infractions. The reason for such stringent rules being applied to rugby league is so that the safety of the players is safeguarded. This is because the sport itself is highly physical and this calls for regulations that will protect the players from injury. This game is has not yet managed to gain international prominence but in has a strong following in the United Kingdom (England and Wales), France and Australia and for this reason, majority of the matches are played in local leagues in Australia, the place where this sport originated from. (The Rugby league Experience, 2012)In Oman on the contrary, the common sport is soccer. This sport has been played in this country for the last century. It was introduced to the locals by the British who set up their military garrisons in the Arabian Gulf. The earliest records of organization in Omani football can be traced back to 1942 when the Sultanate established and sponsored a club called Maqbul club. Football is the most popular sport in this country. It is played or has been played by virtually everybody. The professional aspect of the game is also well taken care of and is conducted by Oman Football Association, OFA which is a signatory to FIFA the world governing body.According to the Oman Football Association (nd), this country has an Adult National team, an under-23 side and an under 19 side as well as an under-14 side. All of these teams are funded and supported by the Sultanate.Rugby league however is not suitable for the Omani market. The first reason for this is that there are no such facilities in the country and even if they were to be constructed, it will not be a guarantee that people will be interested in it. If in this day and age the majority of the populace in engrossed in soccer, then theres a very limited chance of Omanis shifting their allegiances to a new sport. Another potential obstacle is the fact that the ruling elite are already too fond of soccer.ReferencesOmani Football Association. (nd) the Omani Football Association Official Website. Retrieved from Accessed on April 17 2012The Rugby League Experience. (2012) The rugby League experience. Retrieved from Accessed on April 17 2012FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE TOPIC VISIT

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