Assessment Instrument (specify): Assignment.1

Quantitative Analysis for Managers
Assessment Instrument (specify): Assignment.1
What is the level of measurement (Nominal, Ordinal, Ratio or interval) for each of the following
1) Student IQ rating?
2) Distance Students travel to Class?
3) A classification of employees by state of birth?
4) Patient s blood types?

Wellstone, Inc., produces and markets replacement covers for cell phones in a variety of colors. The
company would like to allocate its production plans to five different colors: Bright white, metallic black,
magnetic lime, tangerine orange and fusion red, The Company set up a kiosk in Dubai Mall for several
hours and asked randomly selected people which cover color was their favorite. The results follow:
Color Frequency Relative Frequency Percent
Bright white 130
metallic black 104
magnetic lime 325
tangerine orange 455
fusion red 286
1) Compute the relative frequency and the percent for each color?
2) Draw a bar chart; write brief comment in the chart.
3) Draw a Pie chart; and comment on the results.

A sample of the personal files of eight employees at National Bank of Abu Dhabi (Deira and Bur Dubai
branches); revealed that during the last six-month period they lost the following number of days due to
Deira branch 2 0 6 3 10 4 1 2
Bur Dubai branch 2 0 1 0 5 0 1 0
As a director of human relations, compare the two branches. What would you recommend?

The manager of Al-Fataim Motors checks the age of vehicles traded in at his dealership. Here are the
values for a sample of 15 cars:
9 9 5 9 3 4 3 5 10 5 7 6 13
4 4 5
1) What is the mean age of the trade-ins?
2) Find the median age?
3) What is the modal age?

The age of a sample of UAE tourists flying from Dubai to Hong Kong were: 32, 21, 60, 47, 54, 17, 72, 55,
33, and 41.
1) Compute the range?
2) Compute the mean deviation?
3) Compute the standard deviation?

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