Assessment 3. Workbook Assessment Task custom essay

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The workbook is designed to give you some practice at various tasks associated with writing a research proposal.
Task 1 Conceptualise a research question and the develop it using the feedback you receive from the discussion forum in Week 4.
Task 2 Write a short literature review related to your research question. You may include the articles you summarised in Assessment Item 1 (1000 words)
Task 3 Identify and discuss at least one theoretical perspective related to your research question (300 words)
Task 4 Identify and discuss the ethical considerations of your research question (300 words)
Task 5 Design a strategy to answer your research question. Select and discuss the method of data collection and the method of data analysis that you think will best answer your research question (1000 words).
Task 6 Reference list of all publications cited
The workbook (2700 words) will need to be submitted through the Moodle site by 5pm 30th April 2012 (Week 13).
Assessment Criteria
You will be assessed on: your level of understanding of the issue you are investigating, evidenced by appropriate references to relevant publications (eg. journal articles and unit readings) (30%); your level of understanding of the ethical considerations of your proposed research (20%) the appropriateness of your strategy to conduct your investigation(40%); the quality of your written presentation, eg. sentence and paragraph construction, grammar, spelling, punctuation and consistent referencing style (10%).
Total value of Assessment Item 3 is 50%.

1-please note : i already use the four articls in assessment 1 . ( DOC170412 (1).DOC170412 (2).DOC170412 (3).DOC170412 (4). ) and you can used it agin (You may include the articles you summarised in Assessment Item 1 ).

2-this is for example summary for one article you can find one of posting i already send it to my teacher for assessment 1

3-also you can listening for the Audio recording about assessment 3 on this link :

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