Assessment 1: Case study “ The Musculoskeletal System (25%)

Nurse Shannon (35 years old) has just started her shift in the orthopaedic ward for the day. She has
many patients of varying ages recovering from musculoskeletal injuries. Her duties include bathing
patients, assisting them with moving, making and adjusting beds and carrying out observation
rounds. Nurse Shannon is well aware of the importance of maintaining healthy muscles, bones and
joints. She also knows that if she is not careful with her movements she risks injury to herself in
completion of her tasks. She applies this knowledge in the education she provides to her patients to
assist their recovery as well as when caring for herself and her young family. Sometimes she notices
joint and muscle aches at the end of the working day and some of her colleagues have complained
of back pain.

Nurse Shannon checks her schedule and realises she is going to be assisting Mr Henry, a very
overweight, elderly patient, with his physiotherapy for a hip replacement later in the morning. While
she works quickly to complete her first set of observations and get all the beds changed, she is
thinking about her best management of this patient and is also looking forward to the end of the shift
when she can watch her young son in his cricket match

1. ( 4 marks) Discuss the role of two (2) electrolytes in musculoskeletal function. (175 words)

2. (6 marks) Choose 3 different cells of the musculoskeletal system and describe their structure
and function, making links to the maintenance of healthy function in the above scenario. (300

3. (4 marks) Select any specific muscle in Nurse Shannon s body that she may use in carrying out
her daily activities (175 words)

i. Name the muscle

ii. Identify where it is found in her body

iii. Describe its structure and its function

iv. Discuss how it acts in maintaining healthy function in Nurse Shannon

4. (4 marks) Identify and describe the structure and action of 2 different types of joint Nurse
Shannon would use when moving patients (175 words)

5. (4 marks) Describe how Nurse Shannon could advise a patient about the importance of
maintaining healthy bones to support the function of other systems in the body. (175 words)

6. (3 marks) Referencing and Academic Presentation

references will be current ,2005-

will attatch the unit course guide for more details. on page 5-8 on the unit guide is theCase Study”The Musculoskeletal System“Criteria Marking Sheet

please use the marking criteria when writting ,thank you

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