As a concept or entity, does the ‘Third World’ still exist in relation to contemporary international politics?

Ensure that you adhere to a word-count of 2500 words

Ensure your paper includes page numbers and that you justify the text in each paragraph.

Reference all sources of information through in-text references and a reference list. Include page numbers where you are referring to or applying a specific thought “ whether as a direct quote or a paraphrase.

Provide a properly structured introduction and conclusion.

Avoid providing a mere summary or synopsis of developments, the paper must reflect on some theory and contain a critical analysis of the material relevant to the topic leading to a final hypothesis.

Avoid including references in the introduction or the conclusion.

Any essay that does not include significant reference to scholarly books, book chapters and/or journal articles will be unlikely to receive a high grade.

Primary sources (such as newspaper and magazine articles) can be used but they should be supplementary to the utilisation of scholarly (secondary) material

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