Article Critique of a article dealing with the field of fire prevention that interest you

Article Critique from the information (Chapters 1 through 6 of the Fire Prevention: A Comprehensive Approach a Jim Crawford textbook) and apply this knowledge with examples from the real world in the preparation Article Critique.

Article Critique
The purpose of this activity is to investigate a professional journal in the field of fire prevention that interests you. The objective of your critique is to find an article and compare the information in the article to what you have been learning in class. Critique the article in terms of how the information within the article supports or disproves material that you have learned in this course. Please include the following topics in your critique of the selected article:
·A brief introduction and overview of the article
·A description of how the article either supports or disproves material in the course
·Your point of view
·A summarization of your thoughts and suggestions in support of your opinion
The selected article should not be more than four years old. The completed assignment should be no more than two pages in length, and should include the article link or reference. APA format in writing course papers

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