Art Poster + 150 words Abstract

The aim of this assessment is to provide an opportunity for students to: (1) use creative expression in a medium other than written form, as a means of developing the aesthetic dimension of their nursing practice; (2) gain a deeper understanding of the concept suffering through chronic illness; and (3) develop insights into the importance of holistic care.
here 2 resources
Bolton, G. (Ed.). (2008). Dying, bereavement and healing arts. London: Jessica Kingsley
Johnson, A., & Jackson, D. (2005). Using the arts and humanities to support learning about loss, suffering and death. International Journal of Palliative Nursing, 11(8), 438-443.
Develop a poster which reflects your understanding of suffering and caring for a person with a chronic illness. Your poster must be constructed using a variety of art techniques and medium. A photograph must be incorporated (which can be used in any form,) as part of the poster construction to support the visual representation of the topic.
Read a minimum of five literature sources relating to suffering to inform your understanding and to underpin your artwork.
Translate your understanding of suffering and caring for a person with chronic illness into a visual image through construction of the poster using a variety of art techniques and medium.
Write an abstract of 150 words (maximum) to convey the meaning of your poster.
Include an innovative title on the abstract, but not on the poster.
Incorporate a photograph (in any form) in the construction of your poster which assists in conveying your understanding of suffering.
Written consent must be obtained from individuals for any photographs used
Images taken from the internet and other sources must also be referenced appropriately.
Reference using style (2011) American Psychological Association referencing style guide 6th edition.

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