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The writing project requires that you answer specific questions or address specific issues. These questions and issues are listed with numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.) Be sure to cite those numbers in your papers as
you answer the designated questions.

the essay is about:

The Metro Rail?s Art Department was created in 1989 and over the past two decades has commissioned more than 300 artists to incorporate art into a wide array of transportation projects throughout
Los Angeles County. Of particular significance to this class are the stations stops on the Red Line and
Gold Line. You are to study at least two stations.
Tours are available and you can learn more about these at:
You can also research the stations you would like to visit by clicking on the chosen line in the right
hand column.
You can plan your trip at
In order to establish that you actually went to two stations, you must take a photograph of yourself at
each one. You need to include a print of the photograph on the cover sheet of your paper. If your paper does not include a photograph of you at the museum, it will be an automatic zero. I will not even
read it.
Your task is to write a compare/contrast essay about the commissioned art at two stations.
After looking at the art and taking careful notes, you need to write an essay that does the following:1. First, describe the urban environment of each station. Where are they located? What surrounds each
one? How are the areas similar to and/or different from the area you live in? How do you think the station?s location will impact the community?
2. Describe the station. What is the overall architecture of the station like? Where is the art located in
the station? Talk about the colors used, the lighting, the spacing of the art, etc.
3. Now, look at the other riders. How are your fellow riders responding to the artwork?
4. What is your initial reaction? It?s okay if you don?t like one or both of the works. Sometimes it?s hard
to write about art that we do love!
5. Focus on the two artworks. Start by identifying the two artworks as completely as possible. First,
give the full names of the artists. Are there titles? What are they made out of? How big are they?
6. Now talk about their subject matter. What do each station represent? How does each station represent the community?
7. After you have described both artworks completely, then compare and contrast them. How are they
similar? How are they different?
8. Conclude your essay with a discussion of which of the two selected artworks you prefer, and why.
Does either of the artworks give you a new perspective on contemporary art? How does it do that?

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