Art History

The purpose of the show is to provide other students the best examples to most effectively learn the material for this course while also informing them in some way about HEALTH, WELLNESS & THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. HEALTH, WELLNESS & THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS is increasingly becoming an important topic as we evaluate the success of our civilization. Be creative in thinking about the ways HEALTH, WELLNESS & THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS may relate to the artworks you select. It can include geography, subject matter, materials, etc.

Come up with a theme (thesis) and title for your exhibition and discuss 10 works of art in relation to how they relate to your theme. You will be graded on your thesis and title, your choice of examples, how well you evidence your examples as relating to the theme and the course. You will also be graded on how well you cover the material for the whole course. You can not cover everything, but make sure not to focus to narrowly on just a few chapters. I would imagine that you would select work from at least 5 of the chapters and that they would be evenly distribute between from throughout the semester.

This is an assignment where creativity in thinking will be rewarded. But keep your format simple. You will cut and paste your document to the dropbox with an introductory paragraph followed by 10 paragraphs and then a conclusionary paragraph. Each of the ten paragraphs in the body will list a work of art from the textbook and explain how it teaches an aspect we have focused on in the course and how it fits within your particular theme of HEALTH, WELLNESS & THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

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