arousal, motivation and sprinting performance

HSE101 Laboratory reports: Marking criteria
Abstract: (100 words”not included in word count)
Does your brief overview or précis review summarise the entire report?
(5 marks)
Introduction: (300-400 words)
Have you provided a rationale for the lab activity selected, e.g. what is the significance of the topic
question? Are the aims of the report and what you will be covering clearly stated and appropriate to the
topic question? Have you covered any literature or previous research that relates to the topic?
(10 marks)
Method: (200 words)
How was the present study conducted? Who were the participants? What did they do? What controls, if
any, were used? What data analysis methods will be used?
(5 marks)
Results: (100-200 words”not included in word count)
Have reported all relevant the data and described the results clearly, using tables and graphs where
(5 marks)
Discussion and conclusion: (300-500 words)
Have you discussed how the results relate to the question and included any support from past research
or literature on the topic? Does your concluding statement relate to the overall findings and include any
implications for future research or practical application?
(10 marks)
Have you used an appropriate and consistent referencing format?
(5 marks)
6 reference sources

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