Arguments of Cleon and Diodotus custom essay

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Based on The Socrates characters in the works of Plato’s Apology and Plato, The Republic.
According to Plato, Socrates participated minimally in the democratic Gov’t of Athens. If, however, that Socrates had participated the Mytilenean Debate as recorded by Thucydides in Book III, Chapters 37-51 (pp.66-76 in Thucydides on Justice, Power, and Human Nature) What do you think he would have said in response to the arguments of Cleon and Diodotus Respectively?

First analyze the speeches of Cleon and Diodotus. Cleon makes more or less five points in his speech. These are about: (1) the relationship between empire and a democratic form of gov’t (2)the influence of intellectuals on good gov’t (3) the influence of sophistic rhetoric on political decisions made in the assembly (4) the proper role of justice in making foreign policy political decisions (5) the role of self-interest in making foreign policy political decisions. Diodotus’s speech has more or less three major points: (1)the proper role of reason in making political decisions (2) the proper role of justice in making foreign policy political decisions (3) the efficacy of the death penalty as a deterrent.

What would Socrates think about each of the points of arguments made? Would he agree or disagree? What might he have said in response to Cleon and Diodotus?

No direct quotes necessary. Use paraphrases cited by references. NO internet sources used in the paper.

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