I would like a person experienced in the field of aptamers in order to write my dissertation, the project is as follows;

“Assess tissue distribution of aptamers. This will encompass histological techniques using rat tissues and you will be expected to assess where the apatmer binds in a variety of different tissues. The purpose of this study is to determine the biodistribution of aptamers so the research team will have a good idea of where these might bind if apatmer were to be injected into a live rodent.”

For now I would like the person writing this for me to write my introduction, which needs to consist of 10 subheadings including,

– what are aptamers?
– aptamers in vitro
– aptamers in vivo
– apatmers in Glioma cells (relevance to glioma)

and also another additional 6 subheadings which you think are relevant to the project. For now I would just like the references that you will be using for each subheading which I need in 24 hours. I would like as much references as possible for each subheading. I would also like the same person to write the rest of my disseration later on.

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