Appeal an academic dismissal

The letter should be double spaced.

3 main points to be in the letter : 1 the reason why the GPA dropped low
2 the solution and if the problem is solved or not
3 the plan to higher the GPA

(1) that I had depression because I missed my family and my close uncle is so sick beside couple problem with my brother who live here with me

(2) the problem is solved because tho my uncle is not getting better but he just came from Saudi Arabia to new York to continue his treatment so now I can see and check on him every while. And my brother is moving from here ( Florida) so no more problems

(3) I will do my best to higher my GPA and I know I’m capable of that, I’ve been a B average student and this is the first time my GpA drop as low, since this is my just second semester in UT it’s so easy to lower or higher the GPA so I think my chances to make It up is really high.

I will attach a sample file as well.
Thank you.

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