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Think about the scope of each of the following questions and make sure you write using full sentences and paragraphs in coherent English. Avoid the use of bullet points. Make sure that you include an introduction, a central theme and a conclusion to each answer and explain the reasoning that led you to your conclusions and you can use as much references as you need but don’t forget to include them in your citation page. The Questions: 1. Why is it so difficult for us to define politics? How would a Canadian definition of politics differ from an American one? Do First Nations people see politics differently? Design your own definition of politics based on five values you believe are essential for a just society. 2. Do political opinion polls strengthen or weaken democracy? Why must we know what others think about political issues before we make up our minds? 3. Evaluate the relative importance of ideas and ideologies in politics. Discuss the role political socialization plays in support of a society’s formal ideology. What three questions would you ask a politician about her political beliefs and how would their answers help you to understand her ideological profile? 4. In your opinion, what are the main strengths and weaknesses of conservatism? Of liberalism? Of socialism? 5. Discuss what ideologies do. Which values and beliefs are likely to comprise an ideology? Differentiate between political philosophy and ideology. Differentiate between ordinary ideas and ideologies.

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