Analyze the impact of the Healthy People initiatives on health promotion for the U.S. population

Move Yourself ? Tedd Mitchell, et al.Mitchell, T., Church, T. & Zucker, M. (2008).Move yourself: The Cooper Clinic Medical Director?s guide to all the healing benefits of exercise (even a little!). New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons.You will write a book review that expresses your motivation for selecting the particular book, the impression the book made on you and information from the book that either corroborates or contradicts another reliable source.Before you begin writing, outline your responses to the criteria listed in the rubric and instructions. Find information from at least one other source regarding the same topic, and record the correct APA citation information for that source. Use language and examples that demonstrate your understanding of course concepts, and reflect your personal position on the author?s stance. Write professionally and concisely, and be sure to proof your Book Review before submitting it.Objectives:? Analyze the impact of the Healthy People initiatives on health promotion for the U.S. population.? Discuss the current state of complementary and alternative modalities (CAM) in the U.S. health care delivery system.? Discuss the impact politics has on health promotion initiatives for the population.? Discuss the current recommendations for age-appropriate exercise.Please note as follows: 1. External Source means a reading other than one that I have listed in the Reading List. 2. Be sure to include an Introduction in your Part I and a Conclusion in your Part IV of the book report.3. Best make sure to provide in-text citation and reference the book read and the website of choice.4. Your reference(s) for the collaboration/contradiction section should be from professional cites (does not have to be a peer-reviewed journal, but should not be from a newspaper, non-professional magazine, etc).5. Title page needed.Title Page Body of the Paper Double-spaced; Professional grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and paragraphs composed of at least 3 well-written sentences each ; Citations and headings/section titles in APA format Part I: Book Explanation of reasons for selecting book that include specific references to book title, description, authors, or particular student experience and General statement of reason for selecting book with specific references or examples.Each of two topics: -Specific information from the book, including correct APA citation; ? Clear discussion of why the information impacted the reader, including specific student examples or experiences. Information from the book, including page numbers. General statement of why the information impacted the reader.Part III: Corroboration / Contradiction At least two examples from an external source ;Correct APA citations; Clear, accurate explanation of corroboration or contradictionPart IV: Practice Application Clear explanation of why book will or will not impact personal actions or professional practice; Clear description of how book will or will not impact personal actions or professional practice Reference Page Book and at least one external source; Correct APA format Points Range: 0 (0%) ? 0 (0%)

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