Students are required to write an analytical report based on a critical evaluation of the architecture of a Web site. The URL for the Web site is as follows:
Students are required to critically evaluate the architecture of the Web site given to them. Below are suggested guidelines for questions students might ask about the web site in terms of its architecture:
 Is the user able to find the information quickly and easily, understanding the way in which it has been categorised and stored?
 What are some of the possible scenarios of use? In other words why are the users there, to do what?
 How accessible is the site over all? Are the links appropriate?
 Functionality
 Does the writing support the architecture?
 Are the spatial references (eg. Maps) relevant, useful?
 How easy is it to access the various tasks?
 Is it organised to promote discovery?
 Is the language easy to understand?
Students can devise their own questions as well.

Students are then required to suggest recommendations for improvement of the architecture of the site.

After critically evaluating the Web site students must then write up their findings and recommendations in the form of an analytical report.

Students must follow the procedures for analytical report writing set out in the tutorials.

Correct referencing procedures must apply.

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