Analytical Memo Report

For Assignment 4, write a short direct approach, analytical memo report based on the following scenario. Use APA guidelines and the format discussed in class.


You re a summer administrative intern at Saint Mary s University s student counseling services. Your supervisor, Counselor Tracy Grey, asks you to prepare a short report recommending two trustworthy, Canadian online sources of information about student debt management and student budgeting

In the 2011- academic year, Ms. Grey observed a 15% increase in the number of students who sought counseling for stress because of financial pressures. She will use the information you provide to offer first and second year students a workshop on student debt management and student budgeting. To help Ms. Grey prepare her workshop materials, write a research-based, analytical report to recommend two reliable online sources of financial information designed for university students.

Review the online sites of Canadian banks with specific links for university students (such as Toronto Dominion or Scotiabank). Similarly, the Government of Canada s CanLearn Program offers online information (available at on student debt management and student budgeting. For background information about student debt in Canada, look for media reports or consider the Student Finances Poll conducted by the Royal Bank in June 2010 and published in August 2010.


For your report,
1. Research and briefly explain the nature and level of student debt in Canada.
2. Decide on three criteria (such as readability of the online material, ease of navigation of the website, and amount of detail offered) to use in explaining your recommendations.
3. Based on your research, thoroughly discuss and recommend two online information sources on student debt management and budgeting Ms. Grey can use for the workshop. In your discussion,
describe what each of the sites you suggest has to offer students
explain how the online sites you suggest meet the needs of Ms. Grey for her workshop and how they suit Saint Mary s first- and second-year students who face financial problems.

NOTE: In your report, use the APA documentation system to cite and reference your research.

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