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This group presentation and report will require you to identify the operational requirements for an
effective measurements system (learning outcome 2) and explain how to determine key performance
factors (learning outcome 3). The presentation and report requires recommendations around the use
of performance measures for planning and enhancing organisational effectiveness (learning outcome
You are free to choose any topic related to performance measurement and benchmarking. You may
work in a group of 3-4 members. There will be a presentation in Week 8.
You may choose to work on either a research paper or a field project.
The material for your assignment can be selected from textbooks, academic journals, conference
publications, business magazines, newspaper articles, and discussions with experts/practitioners and
must reflect contemporary issues and approaches.
Those working on the research paper must explore the latest developments in a focused area in
performance measurement and present the improvements and advances that have been made
possible due to these developments. Future developments that are likely should also be highlighted.
Those working on a field project must present a case study that elaborates how a local business firm
has applied or is planning to apply performance measurement and/or benchmarking approaches for
becoming more competitive. Emphasis must be on the application of the technique/tool and the
benefits gained, difficulties faced etc., rather than a general explanation. In this case study you must
demonstrate your ability to relate theory to practical issues.
Students must follow a standard referencing system properly acknowledging the sources both in the
body of the paper and in bibliography. The system followed in the course outline for the references
may be used.
Important information on the format to be used for the research paper/field project and the scheme for
grading are given below.
The main body of the report should be 1,500 words in length. This does not include table of contents,
tables, figures, appendices and references. The report should be typed, single-spaced (Times Roman
font 12 or equivalent), with 25 mm (or 1 inch) margins all round. Numbering of pages is essential.
Introductory Material in the Report
Title page. The title should be descriptive of the contents and scope of the study.
Contents page. This should follow the title page. The Table of Contents lists the relevant sections of
the report and the relevant page reference. This table must be prepared only after the report has been
List of Tables and List of Figures. If the report includes many tables and figures, then a list of tables
and a list of figures with page references must be included. These pages must come after the Table of
200776 Compliance Management, Quarter 1
Section 2
Abstract. This must be about half a page and must not exceed one page. The abstract must be a brief
summary of the contents of the report. It must reflect the objectives of the study, methodology used,
and the major findings.
Structure of the report
A possible format is as follows.
Introduction. This section must describe the essential background to the context of the study, the
choice of topic, and the objectives of the study.
Literature Review. This section should contain a brief summary of the major theories and concepts
you may be using in the report. All references should be acknowledged. If you are studying a
particular firm, then this section can also include the description of the firm.
Analysis. This section will focus on showing how the objectives of the study are being met.
Discussion. This section must show the conclusions that can be drawn from the study. You must also
clearly show how the objectives have been met.
Conclusions. This section must be brief. It should summarise the findings and suggest further work
that needs to be undertaken.
References. A list of all the sources consulted in carrying out the study must be provided. You may
use any referencing style as long as it is consistent. The style given in the subject outline may be
Appendices. This section will include tables, figures. Summary of interviews etc., which were referred
to in the report but not included in the main body of the report.

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