Analysis of the impact of globalization on a country

Purpose: the purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to explore the issue of globalization impact.

Task: You will prepare a short analysis of the impact of globalization on a country. You should include specific attention to some of the main forces associated with globalization (technology, trade and integration, off-shoring and outsourcing, migration, transportation, environmental pollution) and the impact of these forces on different stakeholders (such as domestic companies, workers, farmers, indigenous cultures, and different demographic groups) within that country. You should draw implications of the issues and their impact on international management practice. You will need to support your case analysis with appropriate references. This may include academic articles, practitioner journal sources, demographic data or employer association/International Management publications as well as the source text.

Assessment criteria
1. Identification of key challenges
2. Specific recommendations for dealing with these challenges
3. Appropriate reference support
4. Clear expression, correct grammar and punctuation
5. Professional layout and presentation

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