Analysis of Strategy and Performance

Task – to analyse David Jones Ltd current Strategy and Performance

Sources of information include case studies
from strategic management textbooks, annual reports, David Jones Ltd website, ASIC
filings, media articles and analyst reports as well as company press releases.
Begin with an introduction which briefly describes both the organisation and the
industry sector that is the subject of the assignment “ name, location, size, core
activities, industry, sector characteristics (approx 250 words).
Review the concepts and models in Topics 14 to answer the following questions (Will provide separately):
1. What is the competitive business strategy of the organisation (approx 250 words)
2. In what direction are key stakeholders likely to drive future business strategy
for the organisation. What do they seek? (approx 250 words)
3. What has the financial performance of the organisation been over recent
years? What are the main causes of that performance? (approx 250 words)
4. Has the performance been acceptable to key stakeholders and consistent with
external environmental demands? (approx 250 words)
5. On the basis of your answers above, what conclusions would you draw of
future performance if the company continued to pursue its existing business
strategy? (approx 250 words)
It is important to include relevant and appropriate references/quotes to support your
analysis and judgments made. This is a necessary approach to indicate that you have
read the text and extracted the key concepts and frameworks. A Bibliography /
Reference List should be included as part of the assignment.

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