Analysis and Interpretation business report

The major assignment consists of completing a case study.
The assignment must address the questions as put, and the presentation of answer must conform to the University’s requirements for correct use of language. Any presentation not complying with these requirements will be penalised. Details of these requirements are provided later in this booklet.
Major assignment will be marked and grades available in approximately 2 weeks.
The course objectives assessed by this assignment are:
Understand, apply and be able to critically analyse, the concepts that underlie the major accounting reports.
Be able to communicate findings from accounting information.
Other than the direction provided in this Course Information book about the assignment and on the Course web site under Major Report Material no further assistance will be provided to students in the completion of this assessment task. Any advice given by tutors carries no weight and will not be taken into account if any dispute arises regarding the final grade given for the assignment.

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