Analysing paradigmatic influences in research

The purpose of this assignment is to examine the constitutive role that paradigmatic alignment plays in the conceptualisation, conduct and findings of research. You are to identify a journal article that documents the aims and/or research question(s), research methods, findings and conclusions of a research project. The assignment consists of two tasks. Firstly you are to identify and discuss the paradigm within which the research is conducted. This analysis should address the nature of the aims and/or research questions, the appropriateness of the research methods and the nature of the findings and conclusions. Please be aware that I will probably be unfamiliar with the specific research project that you choose to analyse. Therefore, you will need to provide sufficient background information to support the reader. However, this is an analytical rather than descriptive task. Consequently, you should strategically include descriptive information that simultaneously supports your analysis and the reader. The second task is to reconceptualise the research project from another paradigmatic position. This involves identification and justification of how the aims and/or research question(s), research methods, findings and conclusions would be reconfigured

Marking criteria
1 Structure coherent (planned)
2 Comprehensive understanding and treatment
3 Perceptive interpretation of literature
4 Integration of theory and practice
5 Arguments presented highly credible
6 Evidence of wide reading in the relevant area
7 Critical evaluation of the literature
8 Overall clarity excellent

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