Analyse the political career ofL. Caecilius Q.f. Q.n. Metellus Diadematus (RE 93) (cos. 117, cens. 115)

Your task is to see how much information you can find on “L. Caecilius Metellus Diadematus” in the ancient sources; and to discuss how much can be deduced about Metellus career from that information.
The first section of your exercise will be your collection of source material on the subject matter any and all ancient sources no modern sources. Once you have found a relevant item in the ancient sources, you do NOT need to write out the whole passage. The second section of your exercise will be a discussion (possibly quite brief) of that material. In this second section, you should appraise the man’s career in terms of what it can tell us of the character of the Roman nobility in the second century B.C.
You will ask:
How successful was the man’s career?
Did he equal the exploits of his father? How proud would his descendants have been of this man?
What aspects of his career would have been a particular source of pride for his descendants?
Are there any aspects of his career which might not have been a source of pride for his descendants?
How would you fit this man’s career into the political scene of the mid-second century?
What were the political connections of this man?
How important a role did this individual play in the politics of the 130s, 120s, 110s and the last decade of the 2nd century?
You will submit the assignment in three parts. The first part will be a dossier of sources found (or a list of all sources found”with at least a sentence from each provided); the second part will be your analysis of Metellus career which ought not to exceed 1000 words (but which might be as short as one or two pages, that is, somewhere between 500 and 1000 words). N.B. In this second part of the assignment you should document your statements with references to the sources you have collected in your dossier (the first part of the assignment) and with references to any other material you have used. A bibliography of modern works utilized must be provided.
The third part of the exercise will be your composition of a short elogium for Metellus (along the lines of the elogia and laudationes you read for the tutorial on the ‘Qualities and Values of the Roman Nobility’). For the third part of the exercise you should bear in mind (i) the need to grab the reader’s attention; (ii) the need to highlight the man’s chief achievements as the reader walks by the monument; and (iii) the high cost of marble. You are restricted to 250 words at most.

So approximately 300 words for the soucers need about 10 to 15 sources
1000 words for Metellus career
and 250 words for the elogium

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