Analyse IKEA’s competitive standing against a background of generic competitive strategy models{Demonstrate a clear understanding of a range of models/theories/concepts relating to the practice of management/organisat} *((USE a Critical Analyses)) custom essay

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1- You need to get more theories don’t describe them but use them to analysis IKEA success.
2- You need to have some strategic models like swot don’t describe them but just introduce them and then use them to analysis IKEA
3- Briefly mention, why Habitat didn”t reach to what IKEA has reach to?
4- Use Marks & Spenser OR super markets like example to compare with IKEA
5- Draw the (5 Forces Model) if it’s possible. P. 58 (Power Point)
6- Use Resource Based Analysis ( Johnson & Scholars ) P.90 (Power Point)
7- Use Value Chain theory ( Porter ) P.103 (Power Point)
8- Use these two resources: Johnson & Scholars and Grant.
9- You can use different resources from websites, books, and journals.
10- Conclusion: what is going to be wrong in future in IKEA and also what are your suggestions.

( I downloaded the powerpoint for the lectures because you can use some pages: P. 58 – P.90 – P.103 )

{Written Assessment Criteria}

•Demonstrate a clear understanding of a range of models/theories/concepts relating to the practice of management/organisation and strategy at operational and strategic levels.

•An ability to identify and challenge existing orthodoxy in the field of management and strategy..

•An ability to structure coherent, critical and balanced arguments

•Present discussion and analysis in an appropriate essay format.

•Evidence of extensive reading

•High quality referencing (Harvard Referencing System).

(Core texts):


Robert M Grant: Contemporary Strategy Analysis, 7th Ed, (2010) Blackwell


Robert M Grant: Cases to Accompany Contemporary Strategy Analysis, 7th Ed, (2010) Blackwell


Berkeley-Thomas A. (2003) Controversies in Management. London: Routledge.

Buchanan D. and Huczynski A. (2001) Organizational Behaviour. London: Prentice Hall

De Witt B. and Meyer R. (2004) Strategy. London: Thomson.

Hatch M. (1997) Organization Theory. Oxford: Oxford Univ. Press

Johnson G. and Scholes K. (2004) Exploring Corporate Strategy. London: Prentice Hall.

Linstead S., Fulop L. and Lilley S. (2004) Management and Organization: A Critical Text. Basingstoke: Palgrave.

Mintzberg H., Ahlstrand B. and Lampel J. (1998) Strategy Safari. London: Prentice Hall

Morgan G. (1997) Images of Organization. London: Sage.

Thompson P. and McHugh D. (2003) Work Organization. Basingstoke: Palgrave

Watson T.J. (2001) In Search of Management. London: Thomson.

Whittington R. (2001) What is Strategy and Does it Matter? London: Routledge

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