Analyse Consumer Behaviour

TASK 1– Assessment description
1. Select a product or a service you want to market.
2. Provide a brief description of the product and/or service being marketed.
3. Provide a description of the target market for your product or service, including the key demographics of current and potential consumers.
4. Develop a preliminary or untested profile of your consumers which includes:
a. a description of the area your typical consumer lives in
b. a profile of the typical household income of your customer
c. a brief description of the social class of your typical customer and how you defined this class status
d. a summary of your customer s typical family status ( i.e. single, married, divorced)
e. a summary of any lifestyle or psychographic details that apply to your typical customer.
5. Provide a description of the current market, and in particular, its current size in dollars and/or volume units.
6. Develop a statement explaining the alignment between your selected product or service and your consumer profile.
7. Develop a portfolio containing the outcomes of the above steps.

TASK 2:Using the same product and business as in Assessment Task 1.
1. A validated consumer profile.
2. A detailed analysis of the buying trends influencing their market segment.
3. A detailed analysis of consumer behaviour.
4. An evaluation of the influence of previous marketing activities.
5. A situational analysis of their organisation s capabilities and ability to respond to any changes in the marketplace or in consumer demands.
6. A statement that identifies the legal and ethical standards that apply to their organisation and/or their marketing plan

TASK 3: Using the same product and business as in Assessment Tasks 1 and 2, you need to further develop the outcomes from Assessment Tasks 1&2.
1. Develop a report and make recommendations for a focused marketing strategy for the selected product or service.
2. The recommendations proposed must include a rationale and address the critical market segment, consumer and product/service issues identified in the previous analyses.
3. The recommendations should also include activities or measures recommended to improve their organisations capacity quickly to consumer demand for products or services where this is identified as a requirement.

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