An acoustic phonetic experiment

Design an acoustic phonetic experiment to investigate differences in the physical parameters, acoustic and perceptual effects of an aspirated [t] vs. a non-aspirated [t] pronounced after an [s] 1. State the research topic 2. State a falsifiable research question related to the topic of your choice and explain how this question is relevant to your topic. 3. In order to investigate the phenomena of your choice, you will need to formulate a hypothesis. The hypothesis should be stated as: If parameter X (independent variable) changes, it would cause an/a increase/decrease in parameter Y (dependent variable). Alternatively, a null hypothesis can be stated as: Changes in parameter X has no effect on parameter Y. 4. What is/are the acoustic parameters and units of measure you will need to manipulate and/or measure in order to investigate your chosen topic? Explain how these acoustic parameters are related to your research topic. What Awaits you: On-time delivery guarantee Masters and PhD-level writers Automatic plagiarism check 100% Privacy and Confidentiality High Quality custom-written papers

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